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SEO Tips To Boost Your Sales

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Use Short, Descriptive URLs

There are also some not-too-technical ways you can optimize your SEO efforts when it comes to on-page SEO. How you structure the URLs for your content, for instance, can improve your SEO rankings and is relatively easy to do for anyone just starting in SEO. 

Link building is another key component of any SEO strategy, and it’s a relatively easy tactic to start. Backlinks are a critical ranking factor, and they typically come in two forms: follow and nofollow links, with follow links carrying more weight. 

Backlinking is when other websites link to your webpages as a source of information. These links from other pages show search engines that you’re an authority on a topic, one that should be pulled through the ranks. The more high-quality links to your website, the higher it turns up in online searches.

Google’s Featured Snippets is a highly sought-after spot that all digital marketers hope to attain when it comes to search engine results pages (SERPs). Featured Snippets appear at the very top of Google search results and have a high likelihood of attracting a lot of organic traffic. To achieve this spot, you need to optimize your content in a certain way.

Format Your Content for Search Engines

The words you use matter, but how you format your content is just as important. While you want your content to be informative, easy-to-understand, and friendly for readers, you also need to consider tailoring your formatting to search engines. For instance, in addition to keywords, you’ll want to use heading and subheadings so that your content is easy for search engines to understand, and you can improve your organic search rankings. 

What you link to in your content is important when it comes to optimization. Internal links direct readers to other pages on your website, while external links bring them to other websites and sources. Both impact your SEO, particularly the anchor text used.

By using an effective internal linking strategy, this keeps visitors engaged on your website longer. Remember that you want to include valuable internal links, though, and not necessarily links back to your homepage. To enhance the user experience, provide internal links where visitors can be directed to even more valuable information. Not only will this improve your clickthrough rate (CTR) for pages, but if you’re an e-commerce site, there’s a good chance it can keep customers on your site long enough to make a purchase.

When it comes to external links, quality matters. You should vet your external links before adding them to ensure that you’re not referencing low-quality content. Some good external linking resources are popular websites with high traffic that regularly produce authoritative, relevant content to your brand.

It’s hard to resist a colorful graphic or an image that perfectly captures the essence of a topic. If you create such images for your website, consider allowing others to use them freely with their own blogs and articles. However, make sure you add a link to the graphics you’ve created first.

Building up backlinks through images and effective alt text is a great way to build your authority on a topic. The more links you amass, the better your ranking.

Increase Your Word Count

When writing a piece of content, it’s important to ensure it’s comprehensive. This helps search engines understand what your content is about and that it answers everything a searcher might want to know. It also tells them that you’re an authority on a topic and should be ranked higher. The higher word count also allows you to include more keywords and backlinks. At the same time, you shouldn’t make your piece too long. This could slow search engines down as they crawl your content.

Using our SEO Content Template Tool, you can learn what high-ranking competitor content looks like and the optimal content length for your target keyword. 

Publish Original Content

When adding new pages to your website, it’s important to publish original work and avoid duplicate content. The more you stand out from similar websites — particularly if there is a heavy blogging presence in your industry — the better you’ll do in the rankings.

Search engine algorithms, especially Google, are designed to sniff out unique content. Those who practice good SEO and publish original content are likely to turn up higher in searches. In the past, some websites were removed from search engine listings for plagiarizing content. So, originality is key!

Write Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is the gift that keeps on giving for any inbound marketing strategy. This content stands the test of time. It’s designed to be relevant today or five years from today. This means its traffic grows continuously over time and helps bring more visitors to your page.

When creating evergreen content, think about what will retain its long-term value to readers. Things to avoid include breaking news stories (or any timely news), anything involving data that changes over time, seasonal content, pop culture news, and fashion news.

Continue Learning About SEO

As Google makes thousands of changes to its algorithms, and the web continues to evolve, SEO is constantly changing. Marketers are always determining new best practices. Once you’ve picked up a few basic skills, it doesn’t stop there. New tools are created, and new SEO tactics are being determined all the time.

There are a few easy ways to stay up to date on SEO trends and news. You can sign up for workshops on the topic or find certificate programs. By joining industry associations, you’ll have access to new information as it comes out. You’ll also connect with others in the field who might have some SEO tips for you.

Reading up on the topic is also always helpful. Many books are released by top SEO experts every year. Pick up some of the most acclaimed titles to learn some SEO tips and hints. Bookmark your favorite blogs on the topic, and sign up for useful newsletters.


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